How To Make A Woman Miss You - A Guy's Guide To Becoming Irresistible

Is there a woman out there that you can't stop thinking about? Someone you just can't get off your mind? Would you like to know how to make her constantly think about you too? Then you have come to the right article!
Getting a woman to think about you all the time is not as hard as some men may think. The secrets are to impress and astound her so much, that she can't help but think about you all the time.
There are tricks and tips of the trade, and I have them for you right here. Are you ready to make a woman fall head over heels? Then this is the article for you. There are three main ways to make sure you stay on her mind:
Always Wear the Pants
Making a woman feel as though she needs you around all the time is the first step. In order to do this, when you are around her, you must make all of the decisions. Decide everything for her from where you will be eating to what movie you will be going to see.
After continually making these types of decisions, she will start to become dependent on you, always expecting you to make the first move and choose everything. Eventually, she will begin to miss your leadership when you are not around.
Once you have instilled this in her, she will begin to want to have you around, instead of feeling like she needs to around. Now you have her exactly where you want her.
Always Be Mysterious
A little mystery in life is extremely intriguing, especially for women. When everything is laid out in black and white for women, they start to feel extremely bored, and they tend to move on to the next best exciting thing.
The key then to keeping a woman missing you is to be vague. Always leave your woman with a cliffhanger, or something for her to look forward to when she sees you again. While she is not with you, she will be constantly thinking about what you said, and what you will say to her next time you are together.
Pretty soon, she will start to crave your time together, longing you know everything about you. The trick is to give her little pieces of yourself, never the whole thing.
Always Be Her Last Thought
The human brain is very powerful, and its thoughts can be influenced by even the smallest of interactions. Studies have found that more often than not, the last thing you think about before bed can affect the dreams you have that night, and can even result in the first thing you think about in the morning.
Using this information, I have found that one of the most effective tools in making a woman miss you is to call her right before she goes to bed. In this way, you will be the last thing she thinks about before her head hits the pillow, and most likely the first thing she thinks about when she awakes. Your call may even lead her to dream of you, an added bonus!
Using these simple techniques will ensure that you get the woman of your dreams will fall head over heels, and never stop thinking about you. Do you want to know more ways to make a woman miss you? Then I have just the thing for you!
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Alyssa Curtis is a top expert on dating, seduction, and female psychology. She has written numerous articles on what makes women tick.

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