What Woman Want From Man - 7 Secrets To Make Woman Happy!

What woman want from man? You need to take into consideration the age of the couple and the relationship. Not all relationships are equal and not all women want the same things. However, most women actually want little things.

1. Appreciation
Women want appreciation. If she's spent an afternoon ironing your work shirts and one falls off of the hanger, pick it up immediately and put it back on the hanger. It took time for her to do that for you and she wants appreciation.

2. Honesty
Most men aren't good liars. Women want honesty in a man to a fault. If she asks you if she looks great in a dress and if she does not, find a tactful way to say something like, "I prefer you in nothing at all" or "I love the blue dress on you but that is okay". You do not have to hurt her feelings here. Just be tactful and honest.

3. Spontaneity
There is nothing to spice up a relationship like a spontaneous flirt or trip. Get up, get moving and come up with some creative ideas to surprise her. She'll be so happy that you take the initiative to plan something for her without being told to do so.

4. Loyalty
Stop flirting with other women and show her some loyalty. It's one thing to smile at the pretty checker but it's quite another to ask her if she's married. Save the flirting for your woman and be loyal guys. She'll love you all the more for it.

5. Affirmation
Affirmations and reassurances are all important in a relationship. Reaffirm her often and praise her often. Tell her how much you appreciate her and how much she means to you. You'll find that one of the most important things what woman want from man is that you are continuously assuring her of your presence, love and affection.

6. Be A Good Listener
What woman want from man is just listen to them. You need not try to fix anything, don't give her your opinion, don't tell her any placating statements. Just listen. If she asks for your opinion, try something like "Amazing", or "I am amaze and can't believe it", or even "I agree with you". You'll avoid any disagreements if you try these tactics. You'll be amazed at how much this can improve the relationship if you spend time listening to your woman.

7. Loving Gesture
Always give her loving gesture like kisses, hugs, text messages like, "I miss you, cannot wait until dinner time", "Loving you is the best thing that has ever happened in my life". Loving gestures do not take much of your time but the positive effect to your relationship is tremendous.

Most men think women want money but usually "what woman want from man" is just little things so that she could feel more loved and connected with their man.

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Top 10 Lies Men Tell To Women

When it comes to saving their backs, impressing someone or getting out of an awkward situation, there is nothing that men would not say to women. No matter if you fall for the manly fibs or not, you should stop asking yourself why men lie and try to figure out if you are ready for the truth behind them.

1. "I would never lie to you"
You do not need any relationship tips to know that there is no truth in those words. Everybody lies sooner or later, motivated or not.

2. "No, you didn't gain weight"
So you got a bit rounder. Do not ask your partner if he thinks so too. He will always deny it to avoid upsetting you or to prevent a fight. On the other hand, it would hurt to hear that you did gain weight and he would love it if you could lose a few pounds, so you may want to refrain from asking for his opinion.

3. "I don't think your friend is pretty"
You have a pretty friend and everybody can see that. If you do not want to hear your partner telling a lie, do not ask him if he feels the same way. Men contemplate beauty just like women do, but they hate being held responsible for that. In order to avoid a scene of jealousy, they will say no, even when your friend is a beauty icon.

4. "I love you for your soul, not for your body"
When a man says that, he actually means that you should start dieting and work out more. It does not mean that he does not love your beautiful soul, but he would be happier loving a beautiful body as well.

5. "You are too good for me"
"... but not too good for someone else" might be the truthful sequel of this sentence. When you hear it, consider it a red flag! It means that your man is ready to move on and leave you behind.

6. "I will be home in a bit"
There is nothing wrong with these words, except that, usually, your partner has a different interpretation of what "bit" means. If you want to avoid misunderstanding, try to get the estimation in minutes or hours.

7. "I will call you soon"
This line is a classic, usually after first dates. Any dating advice column points it out as a lie. What he really means is: "I don't think I want to see you again".

8. "I only had one beer"
The problem with men and beer is that, after they drink the first one, they seem to forget how to count the ones following. When he says he only had one, it usually means he has had two or three.

9. "We will talk about this later"
If he does not want to talk about things now, he will not want to talk about them later either. He just hopes you will forget or let go, so that you can avoid an argument.

10. "I promise I will change"
People don't change. They do their best to refrain from certain things, they even succeed for a while, and, then, they go back to their old habits. If you love your partner, don't ask him to change. Talk things out and find the middle way, compensate the bad with the good.
Lies are considered a necessary evil by many people. Before you decide that you want the truth, make sure you can live with it. When you here the phrases above, think of what the truth behind them may be. You may prefer the lie in the end, and you would not be the only one.

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Does He Love Me? 3 Important Signs He Loves You

Are you in a relationship and wonder "Does he love me?" This question can drive you wild if you love this guy and could really see yourself spending the rest of your life with him. Not knowing whether or not he feels the same way about you can lead to a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights.

What should you absolutely NOT do? Do not ask him flat out if he loves you.
Why? Because guys don't think like we do and this question will scare him to death. It may also be the end of your relationship with him.
You don't need to drive yourself crazy wondering, does he love me. There are some common clues that you can look for to determine how committed he is to you without having to ask him point blank.
First, let's talk about what makes guys fall in love and it's not what you might think. Many women mistakenly think that just because they have chemistry with a guy, a lot of things in common and a crazy attraction that this equals love. But, it doesn't. He may see you as someone to have fun with but not as a long term relationship kind of woman.
A guy will fall in love with a woman that he feels is an extension of who he is. Most men adore their mothers and they tend to unconsciously look for women that have traits in common with her. A woman that has similar life goals is going to be the one he ends up being with.

So, does he love you? If he does the following things, he definitely does.
1. Does he fix things for you? 
Men are fixers but they don't want to get too involved if you are just a casual thing for him. It's a great sign if he is always fixing things for you. If he is crazy about you, he won't be able to stand seeing you frustrated or unhappy.
2. Does he use "we" when talking about the future. 
If he is committed to you, he will use the word "we" frequently with regards to future plans or possibilities. For example: "Maybe we will have a son like that one day."
3. Has he introduced you to his family yet? 
If so, that is huge sign that he loves you. There is a lot of pressure involved with taking a woman to meet his family and he will not do that unless he loves you.
These are three signs that he loves you. A guy in a casual relationship will not bother to fix things for you, use the word "we" when making plan and he certainly won't introduce you to his family. These are all signs of a guy who is committed and in love with you.
If he isn't doing these things, don't worry. Maybe it is just too soon in the relationship or maybe you are pushing too hard. Do not panic and try to make him feel close to you. The more desperate you are, the worse you will make the situation. Guys can sense these feelings and will pull away from you.

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Tips On Dealing With Long Distance Relationships

Everyone knows how frustrating to fall in love with someone who lives hundreds of miles away. Not being able to go on dates and get kissed or intimate with the person you love can sometimes make even those with strong hearts to question if there are effective ways in dealing with long distance relationships.
Long distance relationships surely take a lot of work. You always need to keep tabs on your partner and make sure that your partner's being faithful. Just this alone can almost make you lose your grip on sanity. You also need to keep your communication open or else you may end up having a break up.
However, these type of relationships really aren't that bad though. In recent studies, the Center for the Study of long distance relationships said that almost 3.75 million marriages are considered long distance relationships. The center's study also said that millions of college students are also involved in relationships where their partner is far away.
Now, to those who are involved and are trying to find ways how to deal with distance in a relationship in college, here are some things that can help you.
The very first thing you need in dealing with distance in a relationship is to make sure that both sides trust the other completely. Trust can help decrease or even eliminate negative thoughts and feelings such as insecurity, jealousy, doubts and fears, which are the main reasons for break up.
There are many different ways on making sure that both sides trust each other completely. One such way is to avoid telling lies.
No matter how small or insignificant the lie may be, make sure you prevent yourself from ever lying to your partner. Once you start to lie, and your partner finds out about it, then your partner will have a hard time believing in some of the things you tell him or her.
The second relationship help tip is for you to establish rules for your relationship. Now, when establishing rules in order to deal with your romance, you need to agree on how many times per day you need to call each other, what time you should contact each other, who you can go out with, when you can see each other, and stuff like that. You also need to establish a rule on how you can address the problems of your relationship.
If you establish ground rules for your relationship and follow them thoroughly, you can be sure that you'll be able to deal with your relationship and maybe even help make it grow into something much deeper and meaningful such as marriage.
Dealing with long distance relationships may take effort and time.It can get tiring and confusing from time to time. However, if you make rules and you trust each other completely, you can make it work. But these are only two of the many methods on how to deal with long distance relationship in college. There are still so many things that you need to learn in order to make your relationship work.